PRP is the process of separating the plasma of the blood with a special process and injecting it into the body. The plasma obtained from this process is very rich in cells called platelets. PRP is used for skin rejuvenation, scars closure, skin cracks, hair loss or orthopedic treatments. With this method, the body is rejuvenated completely by natural means without injecting any substances from outside.

PRP applications give leather flexibility. Prevents hair loss and strengthens hair. Prevents facial creases and depressions. Repairs the skin in case of wound cracks or other damage to the skin. PRP treatment successfully applied by Dr.Zen Hair Transplant specialists

PRP Applications in Hair Loss
During PRP procedure performed by Dr.Zen Hair Transplant, a pioneer in hair transplantation, the patient’s own blood is taken and passed through a device. Here, the part that will feed the roots called fibroblast, which will provide the development is separated and injected into the spilled area. This method is particularly effective in genetic spills. In PRP application for hair transplantation, 10 cc is taken from the patient’s venous blood. The centrifuged blood is divided into two parts as white and red blood. Red blood contains white blood cells, platelets, clotting factors, PGF. After a special treatment, the red blood is injected into the diluted area by napping. The basis of this application is tissue regeneration. After PRP, there is no scarring. After PRP hair transplantation process and the person can resume his or her routine life immediately. PRP hair treatment is applied as a procedure that will last approximately 3-4 days in 15 days and in maximum 30 minute sessions. Then once a year it will be enough.

PRP procedure is a treatment method that should be performed by specialist doctors like Dr.Zen Hair Transplant. In the PRP procedure, firstly, the blood from the patient is placed in a tube containing a special gel. The blood begins to dissociate within 10 minutes after being placed in the tube. The separated blood is then applied to the area where sowing is required. After PRP cure is completed, the procedure can be continued with injections 1-2 times a year.

PRP Application in Skin Rejuvenation
With the PRP procedure applied by Dr.Zen Hair Transplant specialists, skin rejuvenation can be considered for various parts of the body, such as the face, neck, decollete, hands, leg insides, arms. In cases where the quality of the skin is damaged, such as healing of wounds that take longer to heal in the body and cracks, it can be controlled with PRP. PRP, which allows rejuvenation by injecting one’s own blood into their own body, can last for 3-4 sessions with an average of 2-4 weeks. The most prominent feature of the PRP method is that it provides a completely natural rejuvenation without giving any foreign substances or drugs to the body. Thanks to PRP, the dry and matt appearance of the skin is improved from the first sessions. Lightening of wrinkles and increase in elasticity of the skin are observed. PRP does not only relieve signs of aging. It also slows down the aging process and has the effect of ’youth vaccine’. Therefore, it is a method that can be used by any adult who wants to slow down the aging process without waiting for signs of aging.

PRP Treatment
Hair loss, which may occur for various reasons, is a problem that many people complain about. The process, which is known as hair transplantation and has various methods, can find a cure for hair loss and hair loss. PRP hair treatment also stands out as an effective support method applied in this field.

PRP Hair Treatment
PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a method of separating blood plasma and red blood cells and applying the plasma subcutaneously to the required regions and thus accelerating the regeneration of stem cells. It can also be defined as the use of their own blood for the treatment of individuals. PRP which can be applied to various areas of medicine as well as hair and scalp; helps skin diseases to cease and hair grows healthier. The method, which can be an effective solution against hair loss, can be preferred alone or it can be applied to support treatment in order to strengthen the effect of other treatment options. People with genetic hair problems, those with various scalp problems, those who suffer from hair loss, and individuals with fine, unhealthy hair may prefer the PRP method. The application is advantageous in that it will not cause any adverse effects since it will be done with the person’s own blood.