Fut Surgical Incision Hair Transplantation

Fut Surgical Incision Hair Transplantation Method
FUT Surgical Incision Hair Transplantation Method, that is, “Folicular Unit Transfer” is a hair transplantation method which is carried out by removing a thin strip from the scalp where there is no shedding on the neck and suturing the removed area without leaving any trace. Roots taken from the region are prepared with good workmanship and prepared for planting. In the FUT Surgical Incision Method, more than one specialist seeder and his team should work together. A week later the patient’s sutures are removed. In FUT technique, there is a scar between the hair. The advantage of the FUT Surgical Incision Method is that hair does not have to be cut short.

What is the Advantage of FUT Surgical Incision Method?
Does not require a haircut.

Especially in white-haired patients, the scar disappears completely.

Ideal for women who do not want to shave and eyebrow transplantation.

Differences between FUT and Micro FUE
The most important difference between the Fut method and Micro Fue is the way hair is taken. The stages of hair removal and transfer from the rotating part are quite different. While the region is completely removed with the Fut technique, donor region grafts are taken one by one with great patience and care in the Micro Fue method. In Fue technique, the hair roots are taken from the nape of the hair, which is not shed one by one, by micro motor and divided into groups of 1, 2 according to the situation. Microscope is used in this process. In the Fut technique, the flap is cut and removed from the nape region and grouped under a microscope. In Fue technique, no scarring occurs after the operation in the nape region. In the Fut technique, stitch marks remain on the neck. Fue technique does not cause drowsiness and tension in the neck area. In the Fut technique, a feeling of numbness is experienced in areas called flaps for about 2 to 4 months. As the suture is sutured to this area, there will be a feeling of tension in the skin on the back areas. People who have hair transplanted with Fut will feel pain in the root area, and after Micro Fue procedure, no pain or leakage will occur. After the Fut technique, the negative effects of the patients on daily life are much longer than Micro Fue. Therefore both the Micro Fue method is more preferred.