FUE Percutaneous Options

The amount of healthy hair follicles planted in the skin with the Fue Percutaneous method is much higher than some hair transplantation methods. In this case, patient satisfaction and hair transplantation process brings high success.

The FUE Percutaneous Method consists of three stages in itself. First of all, while taking hair follicles, it is necessary to take care of the hair follicles in such a way that there is no sparsity in the neck and there is no trauma. Then, the channels where the roots will be placed in the pre-determined and drawn planting area are prepared by opening with special needles. Finally, with the FUE Percutaneous Method, the hair follicles are placed in place with high care and contain. Dr.Ziya is the Hair Transplant FUE Hair Transplant Center in Turkey Percutaneous that implements the method of hair transplantation No. 1 center.

In the FUE Percutaneous Method, the hair follicles are removed from the nape. This process is not applied to people who are completely balding. The important thing in this process is the presence of hair in the nape of the patient. In the FUE Percutaneous method, the canals are opened with the help of needles and the channels are adjusted frequently. The number of strands in the hair follicles taken in this process can be 2 or 3. Thanks to this technique, approximately 5000 roots can be transplanted on a daily basis. 5000 roots correspond to an average of 10,000 hair strands.

According to Dr. Zen Hair Transplant Specialists, the criteria that determine a successful result in hair transplantation are;

Hair density in the area taken strand thickness

Size of hair area in the received area

General health status of the person

Rigor in observing the recommendations of the planting person

With the percutaneous method successfully applied by Dr.Zen Hair Transplant experts, maximum number of roots can be obtained without creating infrequency in the neck by means of punch device. The hair transplantation operation can take 6-9 hours with the preparation period, although it is not a very long operation, the time may increase and decrease according to the size of the balding area. Hair transplantation can sometimes be done in two sessions. One of the most important is the aesthetic vision suitable for the person. The treated area appears red for 6-10 days. 9-10 days after percutaneous hair transplantation, the transplanted area is completely restored. Traces in the uptake and planting area become indistinguishable. Our doctors do not recommend hair transplantation to people who are bleeding and coagulation and hair dilution is very uncertain. The hair in the area to be treated must be cut to zero before the procedure is performed. In 6 months, 80% of the roots will be new hair. It takes approximately 1 year to complete the output with 100% extension.