Fiber Fue Hair Transplant Method

Fiber Fue Hair Transplantation Method

Hair transplant specialist Fiber Fue, developed by Zen, eliminates the problem of baldness in 3 months thanks to hair transplantation technique.

Fiber FUE method performed by tissue transplantation technique gives 100% accurate results. FUE technique is to slow down the process of hair loss by dying of tissues before transplantation. The cause of skin loss in the classical FUE method is the death of tissues before transplantation. Fiber FUE method combines the root of the hair planted with the skin and adheres completely to the it. Thanks to this combination, there is no spillage or very little amount. Spillage rate in the old methods is 80%, while the very rare spillage rate in Fiber FUE does not exceed 10%. The hair roots are taken along with the skin and transferred to the skin, this fixed to the scalp. Another advantage of Fiber Fue, which is more comfortable than other methods, is that no needles are used during anesthesia. During the anesthesia procedure, pressure anesthesia is used instead of the needle. The patient does not feel pain during the procedure. Following the procedure, channels are opened to the scalp by using emerald and sapphire tipped equipment in Fiber Fue method that does not leave any marks on the skin. Thanks to this method, which has no harm whatsoever, no scars such as deep scars and cuts occur after the procedure which fasten the healing process.