Beard & Moustache and Eyebrow Transplant

Facial hair like beard & mustache and eyebrows have important effects on men’s lifestyles. If any of these feathers do not occur or are rare, men resort to beard & mustache and eyebrow transplantation. These procedures are generally performed in the absence of facial hair at all, if it occurs infrequently, when burns occur in areas of facial hair or in other medical conditions.

Beard transplantation is similar to hair transplantation. The similarity of the two processes is achieved by sowing the roots from the healthy scalp during planting. FUE method is used in beard & mustache and eyebrow transplantation as in hair transplantation. Hair & mustache and eyebrow transplantation performed by Dr.Zen Hair Transplantation Center Specialists will remove hairs one by one, thus preventing scarring on the face. When grooming beard & mustache and eyebrows, new grafts are planted in the direction of the beard to preserve the natural appearance.


Beard & Mustache and Eyebrow Transplantation

Beard & mustache and eyebrow transplantation is required to have some criteria. This is because the hormones that make the facial hair come to a certain level. Experts considered the age of 20 to be ideal as the lower age limit for beard & mustache and eyebrow transplantation. These procedures are preferred for men who want to extend their favorites on their faces, who like the appearance of a few days beard called dirty beard but whose beard strands are irregular or missing. Beard & mustache and eyebrow transplantation can be applied to all healthy men who have no beard as well as pieceless hair on the beard or experience dilution of their eyebrows or lack of eyebrows. It is also possible to plant beard & mustache and eyebrows in the scar area.

The first condition for beard & mustache and eyebrow transplantation is hair. The best quality roots for these procedures are those taken from the thin stranded area between the ears and the hair follicles above the ears. The healing process for beard & mustache and eyebrow transplantation takes approximately one week. Within a week, redness and crust appear. There is no serious pain or pain after the procedure. Complete healing and adaptation process in beard and mustache transplantation varies between 8 and 10 weeks. It is not possible to separate the hair, which is planted in the beard and mustache area, that is, the existing beard and hair, from the naked eye. The healing time of eyebrow transplantation is slightly different than beard and mustache transplantation. After sowing, healthy eyebrows begin to grow at the end of 3 months and 8 months should be waited to see improvement in the whole planted area. Eyebrow transplantation can be applied to both men and women. Women and men can be applied easily with this process provides a permanent solution to eyebrow loss problem. You can get in touch with Dr.Zen Hair Transplantation Center to get information about hair & mustache and how many transplantation procedures, and to carry out the transplantation process safely with our specialist doctors.