Treatment of Jaw Joint Diseases

Treatment of Jaw Joint Diseases

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The jaw joint is a part of the chewing system formed by the lower jawbone and the temple bone. There is a disc (cartilage) pad between these two bones that prevents wearing and makes joint movements easier. The joint capsule surrounding the joint and the ligaments that hold the bones together also serve to ensure joint integrity. The jaw joint performs functions such as speaking and chewing.


What are jaw joint diseases?

Congenital diseases of the jaw (underdeveloped and underdeveloped joint restructuring)
Locking chin, jaw dislocations
Tumoral diseases of the jaw
Fractures due to traumas
Rheumatic, inflammatory, neurological and psychiatric diseases affecting the jaw
Jaw dysfunction (painful chewing, restricted and sliding opening, difficulty in biting and plucking


What are the factors that disrupt the healthy functioning of the jaw?

Chewing, clenching, teeth grinding on one side all the time
Traumas affecting the chin and face (accident, impact, fractures, joint ligament rupture), sports injuries
Tumors affecting the joint and its surroundings, systemic diseases (inflammatory rheumatism etc.)
Long-lasting dental treatments that strain the mouth opening, excessive strain of the jaw in anesthesia
Habits such as biting pens and similar hard objects, chewing gum, finger sucking, nail biting
Excessive bending of the shoulders and neck (posture disorders)
Holding a phone between the shoulder and chin
Some psychological disturbances
Congenital joint disorders (such as the joint not fully developed)
Fillings and coatings made at a height that will change the relationship between teeth
Violin playing (pressure on the chin due to the way it holds).


What are the symptoms in jaw joint diseases?

Ear pain, pain in the cheeks, tinnitus, dizziness
The feeling of normal opening and not closing in the teeth
Headache concentrated in the temples, pain spreading to the neck
Difficulty in opening the jaw, sound when opening the jaw, locking the jaw
Facial swelling
Jaw dislocations
Opening the jaw by sliding to one side while opening the mouth
Impairments in biting, biting and chewing functions
Alt ve üst dişlerin kapanmasında bozukluk
Disorder in closing the upper and lower teeth
Sensitivity, abrasion, shaking and fracture can be seen in the teeth.


How do we diagnose jaw joint diseases?

As Doctor Zen, we can diagnose the majority of our patients by examination. When necessary, normal radiographs, computed tomography, MR (EMAR), endoscopic studies that view the joint, scintigraphy or PET can be performed.


As Doctor Zen Clinic, which treatments do we offer for jaw joint diseases?

The aim of our treatments is to eliminate the pain of our patients and to restore normal jaw functions. First, we plan our treatments according to the cause of the disease. The most important factor in our success is educating our patients. We can provide treatment to most of our patients by changing the chewing habits (double-sided chewing), using a night plaque (splint) in patients with tooth clenching, grinding problems, drug treatments, elimination of dental problems, physical therapy applications and exercises for joints and chewing muscles. Washing inside the joint (arthrocentesis) reduces the pain in painful cases. In cases such as trauma, tumor, fusion of the lower jaw to the temporal bone (ankylosis), we apply surgical treatment. According to the requirements of the treatment in our clinic, otolaryngologists, physical therapy, psychiatrists and dentists (maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists) work together. Our patients should regularly apply the medical treatment (drugs, splints, exercises) given to them, avoid hard foods for the recommended period, eat juicy and soft foods for the period indicated by our doctors, and take the utmost care to their oral and dental health.

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