Prominent Ear Esthetic

Prominent Ear Esthetic

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Prominent ear esthetic The most common deformity in the ear is called “prominent ear” or “flail ear” among the people. Prominent ear is a condition that is congenital and develops in families. It does not depend on a specific cause. It is not a sign of any ailment or illness. Sometimes a newborn may not have one or both ears abnormally. According to another theory, the estrogen hormone circulating in the blood causes the ear cartilages to be soft, which turns into a prominent appearance by pulling the front of the ear muscles immediately after birth.


When should prominent ear aesthetics be performed?

It is generally accepted that the ears complete their development around the age of 6. Therefore, in order to prevent possible psychological traumas, correction of ear deformities and prominent ear surgeries are recommended, especially around the age of 6-7 before school age. Prominent ear surgery can be performed on all individuals of all ages, who do not have any conditions that interfere with the operation. There is no problem for patients over the age of 40.


How is prominent ear surgery performed?

Otoplasty surgery is an operation performed under local anesthesia and sedation. If it is not possible to intervene with local anesthesia, it is possible to safely operate with general anesthesia. However, general anesthesia is a rare condition and is often preferred in the pediatric age group. The duration of the operation varies according to the procedure to be performed and the operation ends within 1 hour. It is possible to use many techniques in this operation. In general, necessary corrections are made by entering an incision behind the ear that no one can understand. Combinations of several methods are often preferred to ensure that the result obtained is permanent.


Prominent ear surgery method with Doctor Zen

In prominent ear surgery, most of our patients prefer the cartilage shaping method. This technical surgery is an operation that requires a lot of experience. It means to ensure that the cartilage is shaped by its nature without forcing the structure of the cartilage instead of performing surgery with the suture method. With this type of surgery, we provide a permanent ear operation.


After prominent ear surgery

After keeping our patient under observation for 3 hours after the operation, we are discharged with a bandage. Since we use aesthetic and melting stitches for the back of the ear in our surgery, there is no need to take stitches. It is very normal to have swelling and bruising in the first 3 days of the operation. On the 3rd day of the surgery, we remove the bandage and continue to protect it by wearing the sports bandage for 10 days. After overcoming this process, we continue to use bandages while lying in the evening for 1 month. We need to stay away from sports that will cause trauma to the ear within 1 month of bandage.

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