Hip Esthetic

Hip Esthetic

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With the development of the muscles attached to the skeletal structure, the soft and fat tissues under some effects provide the formation of the butt form. Regardless of men and women, as the age progresses in both genders, sagging in this area, muscle melting and therefore flattening occur. There are some recipes that are generally preferred for butt beauty. The buttocks are in proportion to the body and hips, when viewed from the side, they are sufficiently prominent and have a smooth round appearance. The butt is shaped using different techniques depending on the need with esthetic operation. This method has become widespread all over the world under the name of Brazilian Butt Lift.


Butt Enlargement and Shaping (Brazilian Hip)

As Doctor Zen Clinic, while planning the hip esthetic, we aim to achieve the shape of a straight and plump hip (butt) by making the waist and hip separation clear. All the excess fat in the waist, abdomen and back area is removed by liposuction method and transferred to the flat-looking hips and narrow hip areas after some filtering procedures, and this fat transfer completes the hip augmentation process. With this method, you will have a fuller and bigger hip and also get rid of the fat around your waist and belly in the same session. Some of these injected oils dissolve, but at the end of a year, approximately 60% to 70% remain in the body. The transfer process can be repeated as long as you have enough fat in your body.


Butt enlargement with silicone prosthesis

Fat transfer is not the only solution for small butt enlargement and butt lift. Butt silicones are silicones with the same content as silicones used in breast operations but anatomically designed differently. Thanks to these silicone butt prostheses, which are inserted into the butt muscles by entering with a small incision from the coccyx, the upper part of your butt has gained fullness and you will have vertical and large hips after the surgery. Designed with advanced technology, butt silicones remain in your body for the rest of your life. As a result of scientific and medical research, it is clearly known that it does not cause a situation that will affect health negatively.


What is the healing process after butt augmentation and shaping esthetic?

A special corset is worn immediately after hip surgery. This corset is used to prevent swelling and edema. The patient remains under surveillance overnight after surgery. After the patient is discharged, he / she should use this corset for about 1 month in order to get the best efficiency from the surgery. For the purpose of the surgery, since the entire operation is on the hip, you may have difficulty moving, sore and pain after the operation and for a few days following the operation.

You can use pain medication to relieve these pains. Since the swelling and bruising after the operation is expected, there will be no problem. We do not recommend situations such as fast running or heavy sports after the operation, but after the 2nd week, you can start your sports gradually. There is no problem in taking it after the 3rd day after the operation. You can return to work on the 5th day after the operation. We recommend that the corset be removed only during bathing. Your controls should be done in the 1st week, 1st month and 6th month of hip surgery.

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    Fiber Fue Hair Transplant

    Fiber Fue hair transplantation method developed by Doctor Zen eliminates the problem of baldness in 3 months thanks to the hair transplantation technique.

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    The Micromotor hair transplant technique is the sub-branch of the FUE hair transplant method, just like the manual punch technique.

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    The DHI hair transplant technique, the Direct Hair Transplant procedure, is not about how the grafts are collected, but how they are transplanted.

    Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

    The Sapphire FUE method, which does not cause any pain, aches and pains to the person who will undergo hair transplantation, offers a comfortable and aesthetic hair transplantation.

    FUE Percutaneous Method

    The amount of healthy hair follicles transplanted to the skin with the Fue Percutan method is much more than some hair transplantation method.


    PRP process is the process of separating the plasma of blood with a special process and injecting it into the body. The plasma obtained from this process is rich in cells called platelets.


    Application Results in Our Patients with Classic Hair Transplant Methods and Doctor Zen Clinic‘s “Fiber FUE Hair Transplant Technique”, which is owned by Doctor Zen Clinic and “The First and Only” in the World.

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