Frequently asked questions and answers about hair transplant.

What are the reasons of my haır loss?

Hair loss has many reasons such as genetic factors, skin problems, nutritional habits, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormonal changes.

Is the hair transplantatıon process painful?

Pain does not occur during hair transplant, pain is a persistent condition and does not occur during or after the procedure. The pain rate is minimized because of to the high pressure painless local device used during local anesthesia. Although this situation varies from person to person, it is mild.

Can hair transplantation be done for the second time?

Yes. In the following years after your hair transplant operation, hair loss occurs in your existing hair or you can determine your hair transplant planning in two sessions and a second session can be done at least one year after your operation if your donor area is sufficient.

Will the hair transplant damage my nerve cells?

No. Superficial access is provided under the skin during hair transplant operation. Nerves are not a depth to reach. For this reason, it does not damage the nerves.

What are the sıde effects of the hair transplant?

Hair transplant has no known side effects. If the person has any allergies, they should share it with the clinic.

Can i use another person's hair for hair transplant?

No, hair transfer can only take place with the roots taken from the individual.

What is the best season for hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a seasonless procedure. However, the individual should not be exposed to intense sun after the operation and should be protected from areas such as pool, sea steam room for a month.

What are the latest technologies for hair transplant?

The newest technology used in hair transplant is sapphire fue and fiber solution. When opening the channels, a special sapphire stone designed with a thickness of 0.6 mm is used instead of the metal tips used in the classic fue. In this way, the risk of scarring is eliminated and the healing process is faster.

Where can graft be used for hair transplant?

It is taken from the area where the hair follicles coded not to shed between the two ears, called the donor area, and transferred. When necessary, the under-chin beard area can also be used as a donor area. However, body hair (chest, back, etc.) Are not suitable donors for transplantation.

Can there be replacement after hair transplant?

The transplanted hair does not fall out because it consists of roots coded not to fall out. However, the existing hair of the individual may fall out due to reasons such as genetic predisposition, stress, hormonal disorders.

To who can hair transplant be applied?

It can be applied to anyone, except if the individual to be treated with hair transplant has a condition such as an illness, allergy, etc.

Do i need to loose all my hair to have a hair transplant?

No. It is sufficient for hair transplant to have a loss of hair in a condition that will not be damaged. This also applies to aesthetics and front line changes.

What should be considered after hair transplant?
  • Especially the first three days, the body should be rested and time should be spent at home.
  • Absolutely, the planting area should not be intervened.
  • The head should be protected and should not be exposed to the slightest impact.
  • Fluid consumption should be excessive. It is recommended to consume an average of 3 liters of water.
  • It should be protected from the sun because the sun may damage the grafts in the transplanted area. If possible, you should not go out in the sun.
  • It should not be exposed to heavy rain.
  • Aggressive sports should not be done, but a gentle walk can be done.
  • Alcohol, smoking, sexual intercourse, too much caffeinated drinks should be avoided.
  • There may be edema and swelling after hair transplant.
  • The way of sleeping is very important. When you lay absolutely
  • The hair transplant area should not rub against the pillow. For this, you should sleep on your back and use the pillow provided. The nape area may rub against the pillow, so there will be no problem.
What is fue technique applied in hair transplant?

Fue is the hair removal technique. It is a method of taking hair follicles with a homogeneous distribution over the purchase planning determined specifically for the individual with a micro motor.

Is there an age limit in hair transplant?

If there is no obstacle to hair transplant, hair transplant can be performed between the ages of 20 and 65.

How long can i start working after hair transplant?

It is recommended to rest for the first 3 days after hair transplant. However, there is no harm in returning to daily life in necessary situations.

How long can i have a shower after hair transplant?

There is no obstacle to taking a body shower. As Doctor Zen Clinic, we consider it appropriate to wash the first hair after the 7th day. You can have the first wash in our clinic or do it yourself.

How long can PRP be applied after hair transplant?

Your first PRP is applied immediately after the procedure. The next PRP procedure is recommended to be performed once a month in the continuation period after 45 days.

Is the hair added after hair transplant also fall?

The roots transplanted after hair transplantation enter an adaptation process in the head area and the body tends to feed the hair follicles. Since the hair strands cannot be fed sufficiently, they can be broken and spilled. Since the roots are in the canals, they grow and come out again.

How long should i stay at the clinic after hair transplant?

If you feel well, you do not need to stay at the clinic. You can be followed after the operation.

Are the scars after hair transplant permanent?

Thanks to the sapphire fue technique used, there is no trace left.

Is there a healthy risk of hair transplant?

A healthy individual does not face any risk after hair transplant.

Who should not have a hair transplant?
  • Individuals with heart, blood pressure, diabetes, hemophilia should not have a hair transplant without doctor approval.
  • Individuals with hair loss. (after being treated in the dermatology department, it becomes suitable for hair transplantation.)
  • Individuals with insufficient donor area.
How long does it take to reconnect my new hair?

Permanent hair starts to grow after the 3rd month. You begin to see results in the following months. The full result of hair transplantation will be visible at the end of the 12th month.

Is the healing process of the hair transplant the same for women or men?

It proceeds the same regardless of male or female.

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