Face and Neck Lift

Face and Neck Lift

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Arm lift surgery Arm sagging due to long-term sun exposure, weakening, deterioration in the structure of elastic and collagen fibers in the body and shrinkage in the subcutaneous fat layer occur with increasing age. As a result, loosening and sagging occurs in body tissues. When these sags occur in the arm area, they can be corrected by arm stretching surgery and liposuction. The amount of accumulated adipose tissue varies individually. For this reason, each patient is evaluated differently.


How is arm lift surgery performed?

The surgery technique to be performed is decided depending on the sagging rate of the skin and the thickness of the subcutaneous adipose tissue. If there is skin loosening due to weight gain and loss, the thickness of the skin may be excessive. Then liposuction is applied first. After liposuction, the abundant skin is surgically removed. In most cases, the abundance of skin is in the form of bagging that continues up to the elbow. In this case, arm stretching is provided by leaving a trace on the back of the arm extending from the armpit to the elbow. This trace is not visible from the front and from behind. Sometimes the abundance of skin is limited to the armpit. The abundance of leather can then be picked up, leaving a limited scar that can be hidden under the armpit.


Can sagging caused by weight gain be eliminated by doing sports?

Although the blood supply of all tissues increases by doing sports, unfortunately, it is not possible to improve the excess, sagging and often cracked skin by doing sports.


Is there an age limit for arm lift surgery?

Although there is no definite age limit, there is no harm in undergoing this operation for all patients whose health conditions are suitable for surgery.


How long does arm lift surgery take and what should be considered?

Arm lift surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia in hospital conditions. The duration of the operation is 1-2 hours on average. Those who have local surgery can be discharged on the same day, while patients who undergo surgery under general anesthesia can be discharged the next day. Shower is allowed 2 days after the operation. Elastic bandages are used in the first days. The arms are tried to be kept above the heart level. No stitches are required. Sports activities are allowed after 4-6 weeks.


What problems occur after arm lift surgery?

It happens in the area near the armpit or on the inside of the arm. This scar is due to plastic surgery procedures. The leave appearance varies according to the patient. Arm movements should be restricted as much as possible so that this scar does not expand for 1 month after the operation.


Will the scars completely disappear after arm lift surgery?

It is not possible for the scars to pass completely on the body. Human skin heals by leaving a scar. However, in the long term, the scars become quite acceptable. The operation scar begins to lose its visibility after a month, and the clarity disappears completely after a year.


Days after arm lift surgery

You can return to your daily activities approximately one week after arm lift surgery. After about 10 days, the stitches are completely healed.


Leg stretching

The excess skin and fat tissue are removed with an incision made from the groin area towards the back. Thin drains placed to prevent blood and body fluid accumulation are removed after 48-72 hours. Stitches are removed after 12-14 days. Activities are restricted for 2-3 weeks. Since the operation area is a moist area, there may be problems and delays in wound healing. However, they are problems that can be cured with daily dressings.


Upper leg (thigh) stretching

When people experience excessive weight loss, fatty and sagging may occur in the thighs and upper legs after pregnancy or as they age. This situation causes both the patient to be unhappy aesthetically and the patient to be uncomfortable while walking. One of the methods that can be applied for treatment is laser lipolysis. However, in some cases, laser lipolysis method may not be suitable.


Therefore, the area can be stretched towards the groin with thigh lift (upper leg lift) operation as leg aesthetics. However, in terms of performing such an operation on the patient, both the quality of the skin in the patient’s discomfort area and the patient’s tolerance regarding the incision marks that may occur will affect the decision-making process. Therefore, the patient may need to be examined in detail beforehand.


What causes leg (thigh) sagging?

In cases where excessive weight is lost, various skin sagging and skin loosening can be seen in the upper leg area, which is defined as the thigh, after pregnancy and with the advancement of age. In such cases, patients may need leg aesthetics. Because the skin in the thigh area is too thin and highly prone to reactions such as sagging or cracking. Especially, this situation can be seen in patients who have lost a lot of weight. Because stretch occurs on the skin and sagging may occur because the skin cannot recover. Upper thigh lift surgery can be performed to eliminate such problems. Among the reasons that direct patients to leg aesthetic operations, the patient’s discomfort due to the friction that may occur while walking can be shown.


Likewise, the occurrence of such problems may increase the risk of patients being exposed to problems such as diaper rash or fungus during the summer months. For this reason, upper thigh lift operations are performed both in order to eliminate the aesthetic concerns of the patient and to ensure a more comfortable life for the patient. In other words, it can be said that leg aesthetic applications performed for this purpose can provide a two-way effect.


Leg lift surgery

Leg aesthetic surgery is performed in a fully equipped hospital. Leg lift aesthetics requires general anesthesia and lasts about 2 hours. It is enough to stay in the hospital for 1 day. In thigh lift operation, some excess skin is removed from the groin line towards the inner surface of the leg, the skin of the inner side of the leg is stretched upwards and stitched again on the groin line. Thus, the excess fat is removed and the tension of the skin is ensured. In some patients, it may be possible to combine liposuction with thigh lift aesthetics.


For whom is thigh lift surgery suitable?

It is suitable for anyone who has loosening and sagging in the tissues, especially in the inner part of the thigh and hip part, as a result of factors such as weight gain, sun and aging.


Post-leg lift surgery

There is not enough pain to disturb the patient. If there is little, it is treated with painkillers. You can stand up the same day. There may be swelling and bruising on the inner surface of the leg after thigh lift surgery. It may take several weeks for the swelling and bruising to resolve completely. You will be able to travel by plane 2-3 days after the operation. It is possible to take a bath 2-3 days after the operation. The recovery period varies considerably from person to person, and you will be able to fully recover in about 7-10 days. It also takes about a week to return to your work life.


You can start activities that require strength and sports activities after 4 weeks. Although aesthetic thigh lift surgery is an operation that leaves a mark in the early period, the scars become faint over time and the results of the thigh lift surgery are very pleasing.



Smoking of the patient after this surgery greatly increases the risk of all kinds of complications. There is always a risk of enlargement and bad appearance of scars in such surgeries. Wound healing and the scarcity and abundance of scarring vary from patient to patient.

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