DHI Technique Hair Transplant

DHI Technique Hair Transplant

“Fiber Fue Hair Transplant Technique Developed by Doctor Zen Clinic, the First in the World, Eliminates Baldness Problems in 3 months.”


DHI hair transplant technique, which is among the unshaved hair transplant methods, is an implanter method of the FUE hair transplant technique. For this reason, hair transplant specialists define the DHI hair transplant technique as a different method because includes a different transplant step than the FUE Hair Transplant Method.

Although the DHI hair transplant technique is basically the same technique as the FUE technique, it is different in practice. In the DHI technique, grafts taken from the donor area are transplanted into the skin with the help of an implanter without opening a channel. In this method, where hair transplantat is performed without opening the channel, two different hair transplant stages are performed at the same time. The other name of the implanter used in the DHI technique is choi pen. Therefore, its other name is the Choi method. The implanter or choi needle is cylindrical in shape, has a sharp and thin tip. The feature of planting without opening a channel is also due to its shape. Thanks to its cylindrical structure, it collects healthy grafts taken from the donor area. Thanks to the fine needle tip, it transplants the grafts it collects into the scalp along the canal.


The Age of Pain is Ending in Hair Transplant with DHI Hair Transplant Technique!

DHI hair transplant method is a method that does not feel pain and pain from the moment the procedure is started to the end of the procedure. The reason for this is the sedation applied to the patient before the local anesthesia is applied before the procedure. Thanks to the specially developed sedation, the area to be transplanted is numbed so that it does not even feel the needle to be made at the time of local anesthesia. Comfortable, painless and painless hair transplantation can be performed thanks to sedation applied especially to patients with needle phobia. The pain, which is felt at minimum level during and after the procedure, is reduced to almost zero with this method. The sedation applied in the DHI hair transplant method is prepared individually. All reflexes of the person are preserved throughout the procedure by adjusting its effect and duration of action completely individually. With the sedation application, which is quite safe and healthy, the patients go into sleep, the depth of which is planned by the experts. Hair transplantation procedures are performed painlessly and painlessly with the anesthesia methods applied.


How is the DHI Hair Transplant Technique Applied?

With the implanter pen used, healthy hair follicles are collected and placed in the pen. Care should be taken during the placement of hair follicles. During the hair transplantation process, assistants working alongside the specialists place the hair follicles taken from the donor area into the pen. The placed hair follicles are then given to the specialist doctors who will do the transplantation with a pen and the patient is transplanted. In the DHI hair transplant method, hair is transplanted at an angle of approximately 45 degrees to capture the natural hair transplant appearance. While adjusting the angle, the hair growth is adjusted by experts in the desired direction. After the adjustments are made by the experts, the hair transplantation is performed with the pushing feature of the needle.


What are the Advantages of DHI Hair Transplant Technique?

Hair follicles are more likely to stick to the skin than other methods. This enables a healthier hair transplant procedure. There is no risk of bleeding as there will be no incision in the skin. In the DHI hair transplant method, the recovery rate is high and the procedure can be done without shaving.


Who Can Apply ( use) DHI Hair Transplant Technique? /(Who is suitable for dhi hair transplant?)

The DHI hair transplant technique, which was thought to be impossible to apply to every hair type when it was first discovered, was developed over time and its applicability was increased. Considering that it would be difficult to place thin, curly or wavy hair follicles in the pen at first, this procedure was applied to people with straight and thick hair follicles. Later studies, due to the ease of the technique, started to be produced in different sizes in order to apply the procedure not only to people with straight and thick hair, but also to everyone. Today, implanter pens used by hair transplant specialists have a wide thickness between 0.64 mm and 1.0 mm. Because the DHI hair transplant method is easy and painless, it is frequently applied by experts. Thanks to the implanter / choi tips used specifically for DHI hair transplantation, natural looking, healthy and effective results are obtained.

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    Fiber Fue Hair Transplant

    Fiber Fue hair transplantation method developed by Doctor Zen eliminates the problem of baldness in 3 months thanks to the hair transplantation technique.

    Micromotor Hair Transplant Technique

    The Micromotor hair transplant technique is the sub-branch of the FUE hair transplant method, just like the manual punch technique.

    DHI Hair Transplant Technique

    The DHI hair transplant technique, the Direct Hair Transplant procedure, is not about how the grafts are collected, but how they are transplanted.

    Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

    The Sapphire FUE method, which does not cause any pain, aches and pains to the person who will undergo hair transplantation, offers a comfortable and aesthetic hair transplantation.

    FUE Percutaneous Method

    The amount of healthy hair follicles transplanted to the skin with the Fue Percutan method is much more than some hair transplantation method.


    PRP process is the process of separating the plasma of blood with a special process and injecting it into the body. The plasma obtained from this process is rich in cells called platelets.


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