Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

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Breast reduction surgery is one of the important surgeries in terms of plastic surgery. Breast is one of the distinctive features of women. If the breasts are too large, it may cause problems for the individual to adapt to social life. Especially in daily life, it prevents them from looking overweight and wearing the clothes they want. Another problem caused by breast size is that it causes skeletal deformities. The breast reduction operation is the reduction of the woman. Big breasts are also heavy. Carrying this type of breasts leads to posture disorders over time. For this reason, you can have a more comfortable life with a correct esthetic operation to be applied at an earlier age.


Why is breast reduction surgery performed?

Breast reduction surgery is to obtain breast of equal size and form, symmetrical and lighter structure. It is a surgical operation performed to prevent large and heavy breasts from causing posture and pain over time. Failure to make breast reduction decreases the individual’s quality of life over time and may cause problems in social life.


Who is suitable for breast reduction?

The period after the age of 18 can be defined as the ideal time for this surgery for breast reduction surgery. The earlier this surgical procedure is performed, the earlier the problems in advanced ages will be prevented. Preliminary examination before breast reduction surgery is very important. Your general health must be generally good to undergo surgery. If you are considering pregnancy in the post-operative period, you should have this surgery after the birth and breastfeeding period. Because this process can cause problems for your milk ducts. In the examination at the preliminary interview with our surgeons, the correct procedure is decided by evaluating your expectations from this surgery and the recommendations of our doctors in accordance with your anatomy. The asymmetry disorder in the breasts is also corrected with breast reduction operation.


Types of breast reduction esthetic

Breast reduction operation is performed by applying general anesthesia and removing the fatty tissue in the skin and breast. It is made using one of the lollipop incision and inverted T incision methods.

Breast reduction surgery is completed within 2 to 4 hours depending on the type and patient. In determining the type to be applied for esthetic surgery, special parameters such as breast size, position of the nipple according to the breast fold, breast tissue, skin structure, distance between nipple and shoulder and hip are evaluated in detail by our expert team.


Lollipop incision method: Circumference of the nipple is cut circularly. Excess breast tissue and skin tissue are removed. The nipple can be moved upwards when necessary, in the operation performed considering the structure of the person.

Inverted T incision method: An inverted T letter incision is made on the lower part of the breast. After the excess breast tissue and skin are removed, it is terminated as in the lollipop type incision method. After the operation, our patient is under surveillance for 1 night and is discharged the next day.


Breast reduction surgery operation process

This type of esthetic is a reconstructive surgery operation and therefore it is performed under general anesthesia. For the surgery, issues such as breast reduction technique to be determined according to the breast structure of the individual, the appropriate tissue ratio from the breast, the age of the individual and whether or not to want a child should be finalized and esthetic operation planning should be done in this way. If the individual wants to have a baby, surgery is performed in a way that the connection between the nipple and the milk gland is preserved. However, it may be necessary to intervene in the milk glands in order to reduce the size of very large breasts. For such cases, you should be informed in detail before the operation.


Breast reduction esthetic recovery process

During the recovery period after the surgery, you should use all the medicines prescribed by your doctor regularly. If you are using a different drug or want to use it, you should definitely consult your doctor. You can return to your social life under normal conditions within 3-4 days after the esthetic operation. However, you should stay away from heavy sports and heavy work for 4 weeks. After the examination, you can start sports again under appropriate conditions with the consultancy of your doctor. During the recovery period, attention should be paid to the diet; Uses such as smoking and alcohol should be avoided.


What are the risks of breast reduction surgery?

As every surgical process carries risks, there are risks in breast reduction operation as well;

Bleeding: It may occur during the operation or afterwards, although it is very rare, there is a possibility of bleeding. The drains used after the surgery are both to monitor the presence of bleeding and to prevent a small amount of blood from collecting in the breast tissue.

Infection: There is a risk of infection because it is an operation with incisions. Although inflammation of the breast after surgery is rare, it is a risk that can be intervened with an appropriate antibiotic treatment.

Decrease in nipple and skin sensitivity: There may be a decrease in the sensitivity of these areas. However, this situation is temporary. This is normal when the nerves are thought to be cut and will go away over time.

Scars: While in some cases the scars are not noticeable, they may be more prominent in some patients. However, an evaluation is made to avoid any scars during the operation.

Pain: Your neck, back and shoulder pain may continue for a while after breast reduction surgery. This situation is relieved with painkillers and goes away after surgery.

Breast hardness: Stiffness in the tissue can be seen rarely. This situation is unpredictable.

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