Breast Implant

Breast Implant

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What is a breast implant and how is it applied?

“The most important rule in breast beauty is that it is full and upright.” It is the name given to the process of bringing the desired size of the breasts of small breasted women with the help of prostheses or fat injection, also called silicone implants. Sometimes, as a result of double or unilateral development defect of the breasts or due to weight gain and loss after pregnancy, breast tissue may lose its volume and become smaller than normal. Breast augmentation surgery should be done to.


When should breast augmentation be performed?

  • In women who think that their breasts are small, breast augmentation surgery is performed to correct the disproportion in the body lines, especially the hip-breast ratio.
  • Breast augmentation surgery to provide symmetry in breast size: In most women, breasts are not symmetrical. If this situation is very pronounced, the breast should be enlarged.
  • In order to correct the loss of breast volume after pregnancy (In some cases, breast sagging may also occur. In this case, breast lift-up surgery may also be required.)
  • Because breast implants (prostheses) placed for medical or cosmetic reasons need to be replaced due to aging, loss of properties or causing a problem in that area.
  • To reconstruct the breast in various situations (For example, after breast cancer surgery, congenital absence of breast)


Will there be any scars after breast augmentation?

Breast implant surgery is performed to permanently enlarge natural small breasts. Silicone implants are generally recommended as an implant type. The reason for this is that silicone implants give the feeling of natural breast tissue more than other implants. The implant is placed with small incisions so that there is no scar under the muscle or on the muscle, depending on the patient’s existing breast tissue. The scars are hidden in the natural fold points of the breast. Over time, a faint scar remains.


How is the shape of the implant to be made decided?

In addition to the patient’s preference, factors such as the person’s body structure, the shape of the rib cage and the characteristics of the skin structure also play a decisive role in the shape of the breast implant. The shape of the prosthesis to be used is decided jointly with the patient’s preference and the surgeon’s advice according to the specified criteria. The most preferred prosthesis types are drop and round shaped prostheses. Breast implant placement surgeries take an average of 45 minutes and are mostly performed under general anesthesia. Thanks to advances in medicine, postoperative processes are now much faster and much more effortless for patients.

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    Fiber Fue Hair Transplant

    Fiber Fue hair transplantation method developed by Doctor Zen eliminates the problem of baldness in 3 months thanks to the hair transplantation technique.

    Micromotor Hair Transplant Technique

    The Micromotor hair transplant technique is the sub-branch of the FUE hair transplant method, just like the manual punch technique.

    DHI Hair Transplant Technique

    The DHI hair transplant technique, the Direct Hair Transplant procedure, is not about how the grafts are collected, but how they are transplanted.

    Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

    The Sapphire FUE method, which does not cause any pain, aches and pains to the person who will undergo hair transplantation, offers a comfortable and aesthetic hair transplantation.

    FUE Percutaneous Method

    The amount of healthy hair follicles transplanted to the skin with the Fue Percutan method is much more than some hair transplantation method.


    PRP process is the process of separating the plasma of blood with a special process and injecting it into the body. The plasma obtained from this process is rich in cells called platelets.


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