Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

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Breast Augmentation Esthetic (Breast Augmentation)

One of the issues that many women complain about is that their breasts do not look esthetic. However, it can be scary for women to enlarge breasts with surgery. One of the reasons why breast augmentation is frightening is the scars left after the surgery. However, breast augmentation surgery is an esthetic surgery procedure performed to increase the volume of breasts that are small according to the body structure. In addition, this surgery is very valuable for women who have lost breasts due to breast sagging after birth, anatomical problems in the breasts with age, and even breast cancer. In this important surgery, breast implants used for breast augmentation are placed under the breast tissue or breast muscles.


Why is Breast Augmentation Esthetics done?

There are many reasons why women undergo breast augmentation. An anatomically shaped breast may be smaller than the other breast. Having small breasts in women can cause self-confidence problems and this may cause problems in terms of esthetic. However, since this surgery is an important issue for women, the clinic you go to and your doctor should have good communication with you. As Doctor Zen Clinic, we have been professionally applying the latest technology devices to our patients for more than 20+ years.


Who is Breast Augmentation esthetics for?

Breast augmentation should be planned with the doctor’s direction according to the physical esthetic condition of the individual, skin structure and wishes. In order to have a breast augmentation operation, you must be an individual who has turned 18 and have completed the development of your breasts. Since this operation is a surgical operation, your health condition should be appropriate. In summary, breast augmentation surgery can be performed in women who think that the individual’s breasts are too small compared to their body for a suitable breast augmentation surgery, who experience unilateral breast development disorder / asymmetry due to congenital or subsequent trauma, and for breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery.


What are the types of Breast Augmentation esthetic?

It is the process of making the breasts of women with small breasts to the desired size by attaching prostheses, which we know as silicone implants, or by injecting fat into the breast contour. Sometimes it can be a difficult situation for women to have double or unilateral defects of the breasts or to lose breast tissue volume due to weight gain and loss after pregnancy and breastfeeding. For this reason, women can have breast augmentation surgery to have bigger, fuller and esthetically more beautiful breasts. The structure of the breast, skin consistency, desired size and the expectations of the individual should be evaluated, and the issues such as which silicone to be preferred during the examination or whether fat injection should be applied should be evaluated in detail. As Doctor Zen Clinic, we decide all the details together with the patient and then take our patient to breast augmentation surgery.


How does the Breast Augmentation Process work?

Silicone prostheses, which are specially selected for your body, are determined during the surgery and the placement process is performed by choosing one of 4 separate incision areas. These incision areas; are incisions in the armpit, around the nipple, under the breast and the navel. It is made with a very small incision in the brown area of the breast called “Areola”, but the only problem in this technique is cutting the milk ducts. In the under-breast incision, the mammary gland and milk ducts are not touched. There will be a very faint scar that is made in the area under the breast. If there is an abnormal situation in the adhesion of the breast to the chest wall, this problem can be easily corrected during the operation. In the incisions in the armpit and umbilical region, there is no incision on the breast and the prosthesis is placed in the armpit. Scars appear as a slight redness in the early period after breast surgery, they fade over time and become vague. With the help of these incisions, a pocket of appropriate size for the prosthesis is opened in the area under the breast gland or chest muscle, and the silicone prosthesis is placed into this pocket. As Doctor Zen Clinic, we prefer silicone brands that have FDA approval for our breast augmentation operations. In addition, each brand has a unique structure, these structures can be either hard or soft. In our interview, we determine the silicone brand that will provide you with your wait and use it during the process. Round or drop silicone is again determined by your preference. For our tall patients, we prefer to use drop silicone as a breast structure that provides a natural appearance. For our short and medium-sized patients, we prefer round silicone for a full breast appearance. Of course, it is very important that our recommendations and your expectations meet.


What is the recovery process after Breast Augmentation esthetic?

Silicone surgery with local anesthesia takes about 2 hours. Our patients are discharged on the same night or the next day after the operation. We recommend resting for the first 3-4 days after discharge. During this period, it is possible to experience different complaints depending on whether the prosthesis is placed behind the muscle or in front of the muscle. If pain occurs, you can prevent it by using painkillers, but the feeling of fullness can be uncomfortable for a few days. It is very normal to see a small amount of swelling in the operated area. After the fourth day, the healing process is now completed.


What are the risks of having a Breast Augmentation Surgery?

As with any surgery, breast augmentation surgery has risks. There may be swelling and pain in the breast area after breast augmentation surgery. Surgery-related bleeding and infection are very rare conditions. There may also be a complaint of numbness in the nipples.

There may be some problems related to the prosthesis used in surgery; capsular contracture: scar tissue around the prosthesis compresses the prosthesis, which makes the breast feel hard. This is a treatable problem.

Leakage of the prosthesis content out of the balloon: if a gel-filled prosthesis is used for breast augmentation, these substances leaking into the tissue gaps may cause mass formation. If a saline-filled prosthesis is used, the saline leaking out is rapidly absorbed by the tissues without causing any harm to the body.
Denture rupture: it is one of the rare cases.

It can occur with jamming, falling from a height, and penetrating injuries.
Cancer in a silicone prosthetic breast: If such a situation occurs, surgery and other treatments for cancer are applied in line with the standards.


What are the prices of Breast Augmentation esthetic?

Since it is a situation that changes according to the expectations and health status of the individual, there is no clearly determined price. The patient’s body structure, height, skin consistency, anatomy of the breast vary in parallel with the method to be used and the type of silicone to be preferred.

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