Botox & Filler

Botox & Filler

Doctor Zen Clinic Botox and Filling Treatment Applications

Botox: It is an exotoxin obtained from a bacterium named Botulinum under laboratory conditions and has been used in various treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine for more than 21+ years to relax muscles. This drug works to temporarily block the stimulation of the muscles by the nerves. Botox is a drug approved by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration). As a result of actions such as angry, laughing, and surprised on our face, mimic muscles move and as a result, dynamic lines and wrinkles occur on the skin above the muscles. Botox injection is aimed at loosening these muscles, eliminating wrinkles, minimizing and softening the skin.

Why is Botox applied? Botox can be expressed as the temporary slowing of muscle contractions that cause unwanted and permanent damage to the skin, creating aesthetically unwanted wrinkles. It is also used to treat sweating, headache and specific muscle diseases.


Which areas is Botox applied for aesthetic purposes?

The areas where Botox is mostly applied can be applied to the forehead, around the eyes, but also to the neck, chin, lip area, nose, lower cheek. It should be done by applying the procedures to the right areas in a way to evaluate the individual as a whole and look the most aesthetically pleasing.


1- Nasolabial groove filling

2- Nose Filling

3- detention

4- Between Eyebrow Filling

5- Chin Filling

6- Forehead Filling

7- Cheek Filling

8- Cheek Filling


How does Botox affect the applied area?

Botox helps to prevent the release of substances that provide transmission at the nerve endings. It shows its effect on the treated area by temporarily stopping the electrical transmission between the nerves and the muscles or sweat glands they stimulate. Botox shows its effect only in the area where it was injected. It does not systemically affect the muscles in other parts of the body.


When does the Botox application start to show its effect?

Botox begins to show its effect on the applied area on the 3rd day after injection. On the 15th day, its full effect becomes visible.


How long does the effect of botox last?

When botox is applied to wrinkles on the face, the effect lasts for an average of 4-5-6 months. With the applications in repeated sessions, this period extends up to 8-10 months in time. When first applied to the armpit, it regulates sweating for an average of 10-12 months. With repeated applications, this period can be extended up to 16-18 months.


Does the face swell after the Botox application?

No. Filling applications on the face are considered to be botox. Botox is not a filler. Doesn’t puff up the face.

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